The Cabinet has approved the latest edition of the National Human Rights Action Plan, which aims to improve the promotion and protection of human rights among all groups of people.

Members of the Cabinet in their weekly meeting approved the fifth edition of the National Human Rights Action Plan for the years 2023-2027, as proposed by the Ministry of Justice.

The updated national action plan on human rights addresses the topic of human rights protection in different areas, namely politics and administration, the justice system, public health, education, economy and businesses, and specific population groups.

These groups include manual workers, victims in court cases, children and women, human rights activists, members of the LGBTQ community, stateless people and ethnic minorities, AIDS patients, and people living with HIV, as well as patients with mental disorders.

Under this action plan and according to a program provided by the Ministry of Justice, government agencies are required to include at least 3 hours of human rights education as part of their personnel training.

The action plan also calls for annual evaluations among relevant agencies during the period of October to December each year. The evaluation will be carried out by a panel of nonpartisan experts who can provide the Cabinet with suggestions on how to ensure successful outcomes from this action plan.