Two Russian tourists have been fined 20,000 baht for jet skiing in Krabi Province, where the watersport is prohibited according to the province’s environmental protection measures.

Jet skis and all other kinds of motorised water sports are banned in Krabi province to protect the environment, but two Russian tourists say there were not aware of the rule.

Boat operators had taken photos of the two foreign tourists jet skiing near Hong Island off the coast of Krabi, followed by Krabi Harbour officials finding the two jet skis in the sea.

The 47 year old Russian man admitted to officials that it was he and his wife had been riding the jet skis. He said they drove to Krabi from Pattaya, towing the two jet skis behind their vehicle.  He said neither he nor his wife knew that jet skiing was against Krabi province’s rules.

The harbour officials confirmed that both jet skis are registered in Pattaya as the Russian tourist said.  The officials took the Russian man to the Krabi Provincial Harbour Office, where they fined him 10,000 baht per jet ski for violating Krabi province’s Environmental Control Act.

In the tourists’ defence, Thailand’s jet skiing rules are confusing. In Pattaya, it’s allowed. In Phuket, it’s allowed on some beaches.  Jet skis are generally allowed on royal coast beaches, although some areas are restricted, especially in the vicinity of armed services facilities and royal establishments.

Source: Pattaya Mail