Following a Royal Coast Review suggestion that Khun Prahn, the founding physiotherapist at The Movement Clinic, may provide the answers to an ankle problem; feedback was received after Lynda became a client of the Clinic. 

It turns out that Lynda is also a physiotherapist (retired), so her unsolicited feedback is from a fellow professional; a great compliment from someone ‘in the know’.

“Thanks so much for the physio(therapist’s) name; she was absolutely superb and I know; I am a retired physio; thanks again.  One great asset is perfect English and a great sense of humour.  I am delighted with my improvement so far, as I can now walk more comfortably” Lynda

Khun Prahn says “My thanks to Lynda for her kind words; I’m confident that her ankle problem will be overcome very soon!  I don’t really think that my English is perfect, but as over 90% of my clients are from countries outside Thailand, clear communication in English is very important.’’

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