Fans and football teams have arrived in Qatar, as the Middle Eastern country prepares to host the World Cup 2022, which will started on Sunday 20th November.

Qatar, a country of less than three million people, was awarded the right to host the global 32-team competition in 2010.  More than 1.2 million fans are expected to visit the Gulf country during the tournament.

In Thailand, free-to air coverage of all matches has finally been agreed and while the nation did not qualify for the tournament, Thais are expected to wager up to $US1.6bn on the games, according to researchers at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce.

Thai anti-gambling advocates are concerned about an anticipated surge in betting during the Qatar World Cup.  

Under Thailand’s 1935 gambling law, betting is illegal outside of the official lottery and a small number of horse racing tracks.

About FIFA World Rankings

Brazil is the current world number one heading into the 2022 World Cup.  The South American giants have held top spot since March 31 this year when they replaced Belgium, who themselves were top for nearly four years.

Surprisingly, the team ranked number one going into the World Cup has never won the tournament.  Rankings have only been active since the 1994 World Cup, where Germany went in as leaders only to be replaced by eventual winners Brazil.

In 1998, Brazil were still number one but were beaten 3-0 by France in that year’s World Cup final.  France was then top during the 2002 World Cup only for Brazil to bounce back and lift the title.  Brazil was world number one going into the 2006 and 2010 tournaments but Italy and Spain both triumphed on those occasions.  Spain was then top going into 2014 when Germany triumphed, who themselves were number one in 2018 when France took out the title.

Group Roundup

<strong>YOUR GUIDE TO THE FIFA WORLD CUP 2022</strong>

Match Schedule Thailand Time

Thailand time zone is GMT+7 and Qatar’s time zone is GMT+3.  Therefore Thailand is 4 hours ahead of Qatar.

Results are now completed!

Group Match Results

1Qatar – 0Ecuador – 320-Nov11:00 PMAl Bayt StadiumA
2England – 6Iran – 221-Nov8:00 PMKhalifa Inter.B
3Senegal – 0Netherlands – 221-Nov11:00 PMAl ThumamaA
4USA – 1Wales – 122-Nov2:00 AMAhmad Bin AliB
5Argentina -1Saudi Arab. – 222-Nov5:00 PMLusail StadiumC
6Denmark -0Tunisia – 022-Nov8:00 PMEducation CityD
7Mexico -0Poland -022-Nov11:00 PMStadium 974C
8France -4Australia -123-Nov2:00 AMAl JanoubD
9Morocco -0Croatia -023-Nov5:00 PMAl Bayt StadiumF
10Germany -1Japan -223-Nov8:00 PMKhalifa Inter.E
11Spain -7Costa Rica -023-Nov11:00 PMAl ThumamaE
12Belgium -1Canada -024-Nov2:00 AMAhmad Bin AliF
13Switzerland – 1Cameroon -024-Nov5:00 PMAl JanoubG
14Uruguay -0South Korea -024-Nov8:00 PMEducation CityH
15Portugal – 3Ghana -224-Nov11:00 PMStadium 974H
16Brazil -2Serbia – 025-Nov2:00 AMLusail StadiumG
17Wales -0Iran -225-Nov5:00 PMAhmad Bin AliB
18Qatar -1Senegal -325-Nov8:00 PMAl ThumamaA
19Netherlands -1Ecuador -125-Nov11:00 PMKhalifa Inter.A
20England -0USA -026-Nov2:00 AMAl Bayt StadiumB
21Tunisia -0Australia -126-Nov5:00 PMAl JanoubD
22Poland -2Saudi Arabia -026-Nov8:00 PMEducation CityC
23France -2Denmark -126-Nov11:00 PMStadium 974D
24Argentina -2Mexico -027-Nov2:00 AMLusail StadiumC
25Japan -0Costa Rica -227-Nov5:00 PMAhmad Bin AliE
26Belgium 0Morocco -227-Nov8:00 PMAl ThumamaF
27Croatia -4Canada -127-Nov11:00 PMKhalifa Inter.F
28Spain -1Germany -128-Nov2:00 AMAl Bayt StadiumE
29Cameroon -3Serbia -328-Nov5:00 PMAl JanoubG
30South Korea -2Ghana -328-Nov8:00 PMEducation CityH
31Brazil -1Switzerland -028-Nov11:00 PMStadium 974G
32Portugal -2Uruguay -029-Nov2:00 AMLusail StadiumH
33Ecuador -1Senegal -229-Nov10:00 PMKhalifa Inter.A
34Netherlands -2Qatar -029-Nov10:00 PMAl Bayt StadiumA
35Iran -0USA -130-Nov2:00 AMAl ThumamaB
36Wales -0England -330-Nov2:00 AMAhmad Bin AliB
37Tunisia -1France -030-Nov10:00 PMEducation CityD
38Australia -1Denmark – 030-Nov10:00 PMAl JanoubD
39Poland -0Argentina -21-Dec2:00 AMStadium 974C
40Saudi Arabia -1Mexico -21-Dec2:00 AMLusail StadiumC
41Croatia -0Belgium -01-Dec10:00 PMAhmad Bin AliF
42Canada – 1Morocco -21-Dec10:00 PMAl ThumamaF
43Japan -2Spain -12-Dec2:00 AMKhalifa Inter.E
44Costa Rica -2Germany -42-Dec2:00 AMAl Bayt StadiumE
45South Korea -2Portugal -12-Dec10:00 PMEducation CityH
46Ghana -0Uruguay -22-Dec10:00 PMAl JanoubH
47Serbia -2Switzerland -33-Dec2:00 AMStadium 974G
48Cameroon -1Brazil -03-Dec2:00 AMLusail StadiumG

Round of 16 Results

49France -3USA -13-Dec10:00 PMKhalifa InternationalPre Q. Final
50Argentina -2Australia -14-Dec2:00 AMAhmad Bin AliPre Q. Final
51Netherlands -3Poland -14-Dec10:00 PMAl ThumamaPre Q. Final
52England -3Senegal -05-Dec2:00 AMAl Bayt StadiumPre Q. Final
53Japan -1 (1)Croatia -1 (3)5-Dec10:00 PMAl JanoubPre Q. Final
54Brazil -4South Korea -06-Dec2:00 AMStadium 974Pre Q. Final
55Morocco 0 (3)Spain 0 (0)6-Dec10:00 PMEducation CityPre Q. Final
56Portugal -6Switzerland -17-Dec2:00 AMLusail StadiumPre Q. Final

Quarter Finals

57Croatia -1 (4)Brazil -1 (2)9-Dec10:00 PMEducation CityQuarter Final
58Netherlands -2 (3)Argentina -2(4)10-Dec2:00 AMLusail StadiumQuarter Final
59Morocco -1Portugal -010-Dec10:00 PMAl ThumamaQuarter Final
60England -1France -211-Dec2:00 AMAl Bayt StadiumQuarter Final

Semi Finals

61Croatia 0Argentina 314-Dec2:00 AMLusail StadiumSemi Final
62Morocco -0France -215-Dec2:00 AMAl Bayt StadiumSemi Final

3rd Position

63Croatia -2Morocco – 117-Dec10:00 PMKhalifa International3rd Place

The Grand Finale

64Argentina 3 (4)France 3 (2)18-Dec10:00 PMLusail StadiumGrand Finale