Thai police will now send traffic tickets to vehicle owners by mail in case officers cannot place the tickets on the windshields of vehicles that have violated the traffic law.

Each ticket will be sent within 30 days of the traffic violation and will be considered as “received” by the vehicle owner 15 days after the ticket has been sent.

The Royal Gazette website on Wednesday published the new regulation issued by the Royal Thai Police Headquarters under the Land Traffic Act of 1979, which added the 15-day clause to the existing regulation.

Earlier, Metropolitan Police Bureau deputy chief Pol Maj-General Jirasan Kaewsaeng-ek said the added clause would help people pay their traffic fines on time and therefore reduce repeat violations.

“A warning letter will be issued if the vehicle owner fails to pay the fine within 30 days after they receive the ticket. After that, a police summons will be issued twice. If the fine is still not settled, the police will ask the court to issue a warrant,” he said.

Delayed fine payment will incur a 1,000 baht “late fee” and the annual extension of the vehicle’s registration will be suspended until the fine is paid.