The last weekend of June has seen big events in Hua Hin, Cha-Am and a little further north at Phetchaburi’s Ban Laem District. 

A common feature of each event was to showcase the cuisine of the region with multiple food stalls offering an amazing array of food with fresh seafood front and centre.  Each event was also staged on a local beach with live music and entertainment.

The Hua Hin Fireworks Festival was the most visually dramatic with pyrotechnics combining with more naturally occurring lightning displays wowing the crowds.  Generally described as a great event although some commented that they found access to the Hua Don beach area was too difficult and left disappointed.   

The northern Cha-Am beach, with wide open sands, was the venue for the Amazing Thai Taste Festival.  That was really all about food, glorious (Thai) food. 

Less heralded or promoted, the Art of Salt celebrated the virtues of Phetchaburi’s salt industry, at Ban Laem some 80 kilometres from Hua Hin. 

A question that has been asked by some is why were all three great events staged on the same weekend?    

It’s great to see the region re-emerging after covid-related vetoes on such happenings, but what seems evident is a lack of coordination between organisers.  Couldn’t three great events on three weekends have been of more benefit to the community and the enjoyment of the region’s visitors?

The next big community event we know of is the 24th Red Cross Fair in Hua Hin, to be held between 8-17 July.