Interior Minister Anupong Paochinda has instructed the governors, in their capacity as heads of provincial road safety office, to launch awareness campaigns among motorists to respect traffic laws and ensure safety of pedestrians at zebra crossings.

Provincial governors will organise a week of road safety awareness from February 21st to 25th under the theme “Campaign to prevent accidents at zebra crossings”.  Anupong said an accident at a zebra crossing in Bangkok that killed a female doctor prompted Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan, chairman of the Road Safety Centre, to hold a meeting, which resolved to launch awareness campaigns on road safety nationwide.

The campaigns will focus on making motorists aware of possible loss of life if they violate traffic laws, Anupong said.   During the campaign week, traffic police will step up arrests of traffic law violators who will be subject to maximum fines.

Officials concerned will also repaint markings on roads to make zebra crossings clearer, and will put up road signs to warn motorists ahead of the crossings, the interior minister added.

The campaigns will also tell motorists to slow down ahead of zebra crossings near schools, in community areas and ahead of hospitals.  “Most of all, the campaigns will tell motorists to give priority to pedestrians at zebra crossings,” Anupong said.

He said the safety awareness campaigns will continue on the 21st of every month.