Motorists in Thailand will not need to carry a physical driving licence and can instead show a screen capture of their “DLT QR licence”, the Department of Land Transport (DLT) have announced.

The new App can be used where motorists will be able to show their license credentials to any law enforcement officer in Thailand. This means you no longer have to carry your physical licence. The police will be able to scan a QR code and check all details including bans or outstanding fines, on the spot.

The driver’s profile also includes vital information such as blood type, allergies and location. These digital driving licenses are now available for both cars and motorbikes. The application is called ‘DLT QR Licence’.

“This also means the licence holder can submit a print of the DLT QR licence’s screen capture in either colour or black and white as a valid ID when dealing with government agencies that require such documents,” the department said.

For the screen capture to be eligible, it must contain readable information of the front and back of the driver’s licence and QR code which can be scanned to obtain the licence holder’s information from DLT’s database.

To use the e-driving licence, motorists must first change their traditional licence to a smart one with a QR code that is linked to the DLT’s application. The change can be made at any DLT branch office (relevant fees apply).

“Traditional driving licences [without the QR code] can be used until they expire, after which they will be replaced with a smartcard upon renewal,” the department said. “Those who hold the [now discontinued] lifetime driving license can use their traditional licence for as long as they like.”

For more information, visit or call 1356.