HUA HIN RATED AMONGST THE WORLD’S BEST RETIREMENT DESTINATIONS has ranked Thailand the best destination in Asia and the 11th best in the world in its 2022 global retirement index.

The website said Thailand has always been popular among retirees from around the world because the country does not offer only beaches and other beautiful natural attractions but also convenient places as well as friendly locals.

Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Hua Hin are described as the top three cities stating that foreigners can choose to live in Thailand starting from 1,000 US dollars or around 33,000 baht per month. 

These destinations were not ranked, however recognition of Hua Hin may be seen as an important promotion for the city. And it really is the only one of the three with beaches!

Another comment is that Thailand is well-known for its affordable and high-quality healthcare; one of the first things retirees seek for healthy and secure living after retirement, while applying for and obtaining a long-stay visa is also easy and fast.

Meanwhile, this year’s top 10 countries for retirement are Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Portugal, Ecuador, Colombia, France, Malta, Spain, and Uruguay.



  • Development. You wouldn’t want to live anywhere where you couldn’t stream your favorite movies, call home, or access reliable electricity. You’ll also want quality roads and an efficient public transport network. These are just some of the factors that feed into the Development category.
  • Climate. Moving abroad gives you the chance to escape from the extremes of weather back home. You can find places overseas where the weather is just perfect for you. In this category, we rate the climate of each country, factoring in things like rainfall, temperature, and humidity.
  • Healthcare. In this category, we put our experts to the test like never before. How much will you have to pay for things like laser eye surgery, a tooth crown, or a blood transfusion? Can you get common medications for things like asthma and diabetes? And do you need a prescription to get a refill? When it comes to assessing healthcare, we factor in both quality and price to give you a fair and balanced view.
  • Governance. Knowing that your new home respects personal freedom, keeps the bureaucracy to a minimum, and offers a stable and safe environment in which to enjoy retirement is a nice feeling. You’ll also appreciate an efficient banking system. And how well did each country cope with the COVID-19 situation, according to our correspondents? The Governance category examines these factors.
  • Opportunity. Retirement doesn’t need to be a grinding halt. Maybe you have a business project you’d like to try out, or perhaps you’ve thought about supplementing your income with some freelancing work or online employment. We’ve examined how well the local authorities support small business, whether it’s easy to work remotely, and whether there’s a strong economy in each country. You’ll see the answers reflected in the Opportunity score.
  • Cost of Living. A country has to be affordable to be a great retirement spot. It’s that simple. And to assess how affordable each country is, we got our experts on the ground to fill out a comprehensive monthly budget. Everything from the cost of a litre of milk to a bottle of beer to a movie ticket was factored in.