The authorities of Pattaya City and Burapha University jointly drafted the “Pattaya City Development Plan 2023-2027” to develop Pattaya into a tourism city of the future, says Mayor Sonthaya Klunplome.  The plan is designed to make Pattaya the “Tourism City of the Future”.

The five-year strategy will focus on a balance of economy and environment, quality aspects of lives, including health, education, society, and environment, and an increase of alternative career skills for young generations in the digital era after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Mayor said: “Due to about two years of the Covid-19 domestic spread, Thailand has to make a huge development in many ways. For Pattaya, the change is somewhat in line with the NEO PATTAYA plan that we have started 3 years ago for sustainable tourism in the future.”

“Therefore, this five-year development strategy was planned by all related sectors and has potential to support the EEC (Eastern Economic Corridor) tourism hub and current multicultural lifestyle to make Pattaya a city of international economic opportunity once again.”

The plan will be proposed to the Pattaya City Council, introducing five main tasks including: 1. Improving the quality of life and safety; 2. Upgrade infrastructure efficiency to support the EEC; 3. Promote economic and environmentally-friendly innovation; 4. Sustainable management of natural resources and environment; 5. Enhance Pattaya City to a modern and highly efficient organizational city.

​The action plan will be under the cooperation of the EEC Committee, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, Department of Public Works, and various local communities. It will be both proactive and reactive in line with the National Economic and Social Development, the Tourism Master Plan, and investment expansion plans in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) including:

Economic recovery plans: such as promoting domestic tourism and local markets, developing an easily accessible marketing platform for all entrepreneurs, developing the Naklua Community Market as a cultural, community, and natural tourism site, etc.

People’s skills development plans: such as skill training program for young generations on Wellness Business, EV cars, E-Commerce, Coding programs, and Robot Programs while establishing digital learning at local schools and international medical centers in Pattaya City, etc.

Environmental plans: such as constructing a ‘Pocket Park’ to enhance people’s quality of life, developing Pattaya’s only mangrove forest as an ecotourism attraction, taking care of large trees throughout Pattaya, etc.

Technology plans: such as creating ‘Big Data’, collecting integrated data for city management and safety, digital public health, etc.

Infrastructure plans: such as building a light rail/tram to support the EEC transportation, sustainably solving water problems, developing public safety and surveillance systems, etc.


Pattaya City Municipality is also preparing to buy electric vehicles (EVs) for its public transport system, to improve the environment.

The planned procurement was announced by city mayor Sonthaya Khunpluem who said EVs will help reduce pollution from petrol combustion, leading to a Green City.

Mr Sonthaya said electric public transport vehicles, including songthaew minibuses and taxis, will be tested on Koh Lan resort island. It would be promoted as ecotourism under the Neo Pattaya policy.

Pattaya City has signed a memorandum of understanding with the private sector for a trial to replace petrol-fuelled vehicles.

By next year, the city council plans to buy about 20 EVs for pilot services in the city. The results will be compared with petrol-engine operations and used to decide whether to further invest in the EVs, Mr Sonthaya said.