The Thai Ministry of Health has issued strict prevention guidelines that restaurants are required to follow as the holiday season approaches.

The Ministry has warned all restaurants to strictly adhere to Covid-safety prevention measures. 

Is your restaurant of choice meeting these requirements?

  • Clean tables immediately after customers leave and place a sign stating they have been cleaned.
  • Disinfect all contact points and toilets every one to two hours.
  • Keep utensils clean and have a separate spoon for shared dishes.
  • Provide gloves to customers at buffets or self-service counters.
  • Place a bottle of alcohol gel on each table or keep one close at hand. In food courts, every stall should have a bottle of alcohol gel for customers to use
  • Keep a distance of one to two meters between tables. If there is no space, each table must be separated with a partition. In air-conditioned restaurants, each table should be two metres apart and guests should not sit directly across from each other. Restaurants can’t be crowded.
  • Don’t let diners stay longer than two hours.
  • All restaurants should be well ventilated and all doors and windows should be opened at least half an hour before turning on the air conditioners. If possible, restaurants should ventilate the area hourly and keep fans on at all times.

The Director-General of the Thai Health Service, Dr Suwanchai Wattanaying-charoencha, also said restaurants should screen customers before entering and ensure that they log in through the “Thai Save Thai” application.

Dinner guests are required to wear their masks, except while eating. Air-conditioned restaurants are required to serve only fully vaccinated people or those who can produce a negative ATK test result taken within seven days.