A report in the Pattaya News has been circulating locally.  It states that “only 56 travelers were recorded arriving in Hua Hin”, that is for the first two weeks of November. 

It describes complicated arrival steps, a legal ban on nightlife, bars, and entertainment, and quarantine fee requirements as the reason for the low number.  Udom Srimahachota, Vice President of the Thai Hotels Association and advisor to the Hua Hin-Cha-am Tourism Association, is the reported source of the information who is quoted to say “hotel bookings for 112 nights were reported from 56 foreign visitors.”

Assuming this quote is accurate, questions need to be asked about how these figures were derived, a question not answered or the context explained in the Pattaya News report. 

We can only assume these were 56 travellers who booked the mandatory first night stay at an SHA Plus hotel in Hua Hin.  But the obvious strategy for passengers intending to head to Hua Hin after arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport is to stay for the mandatory first night in Bangkok. 

After a long and tiring flight, followed by negotiating the necessary entry process, that is clearly the preferred option.  Anytime transport to can then include the usual buses, mini-buses, or taxi; simple.

We think that recycling a rubbery number from a rather derisive Pattaya report without analysis serves little purpose.  It is also noted that the same source reported that 3,639 international travelers visited Chonburi Province during the same two week period.