There are more than 50 villagers that have been living on the banks of the Khao Takiab inlet on Royal Forest Department land for many years who may have traditional entitlement claims, but currently do not have legal title or permission to live and build on the land.

Hua Hin Mayor, Mr Nopporn Wutthikul and other municipality and Forest Department executive officers have held a public meeting with the community members of this fishing village, aiming to resolve this issue moving forward.

From 7th to 9th September the Royal Forest Department will survey the visit the area, aiming to be able to offer the villagers an opportunity to seek permission to reside and build on allocated land plots in accordance with building control laws and provincial land use policies.

Resolving the issue of traditional land use without legal land ownership title is an ongoing problem in a number of municipality areas which needs to be managed in an equitable and sensitive manner. 

Ensuring land use recognises sustainable practices and follows legal requirements is necessary to enable land use to be environmentally sustainable and that future development options may progress without delays due to title issues.