Not with strangers, wear a condom… and a face mask, find a sex position that is not face-to-face, don’t kiss, avoid bodily fluids, keep it short, no oral sex, and definitely no anal sex. These are the basics of safe sex Covid-style according to Thailand’s Department of Health, Office of Reproductive Health, Dr Peerayuth Sanukul.

The Department went on to insist everybody must shower before sex and to use disinfectant to clean up afterwards. Sex parties, which could result in a cluster outbreak, should be avoided.

After a sex worker in Kanchanaburi contracted Covid-19, the department announced safe sex guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus. 

The doctor says that before engaging in any sexual activity, people should think about safe sex procedures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.  People at high risk of contracting the virus, those who are infected, and those who are waiting for test results should all refrain from having sex to reduce the risk of transmission to others, the doctor says.

Gone are the days when safe sex spoke only to the risk of STI transmission.  In the midst of a global pandemic centered around a virus that can be spread through a variety of bodily fluids, the definition of safer sex has expanded.  These days, safe sex is defined as sex where those involved proactively work to reduce the risk of potential STI and COVID-19 transmission.


  • Wash your hands and shower before and after having sex.
  • Avoid kissing because the Covid-19 virus can be spread through saliva.
  • Refrain from doing oral or anal sex as Covid-19 virus can be contaminated in faeces
  • Use condoms, dental dams, and rubber gloves to reduce contact with saliva or other types of secretions.
  • Wear masks to cover your nose and mouth during sex to prevent the spread of infection through heavy breathing.
  • Favour positions where you are not face-to-face while having sex to avoid contact with saliva or other secretions
  • Take as little time as possible.
  • Avoid group sex or swapping sex partners.
  • Use disinfectants such as 70% alcohol, detergent, bleach to clean the sleeping area or the surface where sex was performed.
  • Condoms, disposable tampons and rubber gloves should be thrown away in a covered bin