After two teenage boys were seen on video riding motorcycles in a dangerous manner on Phetchakasim Road Bang Saphan, police have investigated the matter and arrested two 14-year-old boys, who have been charged with reckless driving without consideration for the safety of others.

Additionally the parents of the two children have been prosecuted with charges of encouraging or allowing the children to behave inappropriately or likely to cause the child to be at risk, committing an offence under the Child Protection Act.  The legal action was extended to a motorcycle modification shop in Thap Sakae district for the offence of promoting or encouraging racing on a public road, with the confiscation of the two motorcycles involved.

Pol. Gen. Suwat Chaengyodsuk, the police chief, has emphasised the need to take care of children as parents may be prosecuted for neglect under the Child Protection Act. 

He encouraged the public to report incidences of racing on public roads to report the behaviour to the Police Station Hotline 1599 or 191, or to send a video clip as evidence to the police.  There is a reward of 3,000 THB for informers in the event of an arrest.