The prime minister made the major policy statement in a national television address saying that he aims to re-open the country within 120 days. The live broadcast was made just after 6PM Wednesday.

He hopes to see fully vaccinated tourists to be able to arrive in Thailand In October without having to do any quarantine.He said things must return to normal to protect life and livelihoods and that the government must take a calculated risk.

“We have seen have to make up our minds that the whole world will have to continue to live with this virus. This includes Thailand. We cannot wait until this virus is gone from the world. And we just can’t wait until everyone has been vaccinated with 2 doses before and then gradually open the country What we have to do is We have to learn to live with it like any disease., manage Covid to a controllable level. and allow the people to come back and make a living again. This is my policy And it’s the goal that I set.”

“Tourism centers will open even faster,” he said. I know there is a risk to reopening but we have to think of the people who need to make a living and I believe that it is time for all of us to accept the risk together,” he added.

The Prime Minister also said that Thailand has talked to Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sinovac and Sinopharm and the government has already signed a total of 105.5 million doses from the six producers.All of them will be delivered within this year.

This means that we will be able to administer an average of 10 million doses per month.50 million should receive their first dose by October, he added.