The owner, attacked by his pet pit bull in the Pattaya suburb of Bang Lamung yesterday, has died of the injuries sustained in the attack. The horrific incident which occurred in the early hours of yesterday morning has shocked the family, who had raised the now 2 year old dog, named Giant, since he was only 3 months old.

Wisit Sanguan, the 56 year old victim was reported to have been sleeping with the pit bull which suddenly woke and viciously attacked the sleeping man. Wisit was brought to the hospital with severe bleeding from bites on his neck and body, and today doctors at the local hospital in Pattaya pronounced him dead. The cause of death was listed as loss of blood due to severe wounds from the attack, his wife confirmed the death in a later statement.

The dog took over 30 minutes to subdue initially and remained aggressive after the event prompting the Chon Buri Pit Bull Club to sedate the dog with medication in order to chain him up and remove him from the premises.

The dog remains in the custody of the club, which will cooperate with police officers to help determine the cause and any additional information regarding the deadly and shocking attack. No information has been released about the future of the attacking pit bull at this time.