The Department of Land Transport (DLT) has extended the period in which people can apply to renew their driver’s license, from three months before it expires to six months, director-general Jirut Wisanjit said.

“This extension will cover a driver’s license for personal vehicles, tractors, steam rollers and public vehicles,” he said.

“The move aims to reduce crowding at branch offices as the number of people wanting to renew their licenses has been climbing.”

The department will also extend the validity period of the online training course via www.dlt-elearning.com from 90 days to six months since the day the candidate finishes the course.

“People can register for the e-learning course via the website, which is available 24/7 and complete it anywhere at their convenience. This will greatly help reduce unnecessary travelling and crowding at the DLT’s branch offices, especially in this Covid-19 situation when social distancing must be maintained,” he added.

The DLT also offers a Smart Queue service for license renewal via a mobile application, which can be downloaded for free at https://apple.co/2GIHARd (iOS) or http://bit.ly/2IkLpyO (Android).