Within an hour of the Australian Embassy in Bangkok extolling the virtues of supporting countries in the region to access and deliver COVID-19 vaccinations to celebrate World Immunisation Week, Australian expats have called on the Australian government to first take steps to vaccinate Australian citizens in Thailand.

One comment refers to similar calls in Australia made by Dr Norman Swan, a prominent commentator on the Australian ABC news network.

The Embassy post text is provided below:

“During World Immunization Week, Australia is celebrating our role in supporting countries in our region to access lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines.  (SIC – ‘Immunization’ is US spelling),

Australia is supporting our partners in the Pacific and Southeast Asia with a $623 million commitment to access and deliver COVID-19 vaccines, through our Regional Vaccine Access and Health Security Initiative.

This is on top of our $80 million commitment to the COVAX AMC for developing countries, which aims to provide vaccine coverage for up to 20% of the populations of 92 developing countries by the end of 2021.”

Here’s a sample of the response made in comments to the Embassy post:

  • “The Australian embassy in Bangkok as a Covid-19 vaccination base for it’s citizens unable to return; what a great idea for World Immunisation Week! As suggested by Dr Norman Swan on the ABC. How about it Mr Ambassador??”
  • “So why don’t you vaccinate the Australians returning home to Australia and quarantine at home. They may be positive but no burden on Australian hospitals SO you can bring in more and make flights and home quarantine much more cost effective.”
  • “So does that mean the government is planning to vaccinate Australians living in Thailand?”
  • “Would be about time that the Australian Government considered it’s citizens overseas, those that in many cases paid taxes all their working lives and now are not given any consideration.”
  • “When will the embassy allow Australian citizens to be vaccinated to assist in facilitating the repatriation of citizens and their families?”
  • “Australian government donating $ 623 million worth of vaccines to pacific and South East Asia “partners but no mention of vaccines for Expats but you can guarantee embassy staff etc get vaccinated.
  • “Time to support Australian Expats during this covid crisis with the supply of vaccines as so far there has been NO support for Expats from the Australian government.”

The Australian Embassy in Bangkok may well have disturbed a hornets’ nest with this Facebook Post made on 27th April which can be seen at: