Occasionally we get asked about why some articles which are not about events or news in region are published; in other words what is our Editorial Policy.

Our policy is to include articles when they are likely to be of interest or relevance to our readers; not always ‘discovered’ amongst the plethora of available online information. 

Sometimes that may be Thailand news which has implications for our readers.  A recent example was arrests at a Pattaya party.  Although not local news, it was published as an indication that holding such a party here may not be such a good idea!

This may be a ‘heads up’ about big sporting events, such as World Cups, entertainment such as the ‘Oscars’ or evolving news such as the Indonesian submarine tragedy or Myanmar crisis.  We anticipate that with this introduction, readers with a particular interest will then explore that subject further.

Of course, not all readers will be interested in all our stories; but we hope that enough locals will appreciate this notice!  We also like to include a ‘light-hearted’ item or two; we all need a little humour in our lives!

The rapidly evolving coronavirus crisis has needed some additional editorial policies.  We have decided not to publish every news item as a separate item, but to provide one daily case and information update summary (usually mid-afternoon), rather than to ‘drip-feed’ the sometimes confusing graphics or conflicting information. 

It’s also most important not to repeat ‘pub talk’, especially on this subject, but to use official sources. 

The Royal Coast Review prides itself on either researching our leads to provide the full story or attending events, press conferences etc. as an original source for the article.   

Our reader’s comments or suggestions are always welcome as we strive to make our publication as inclusive, relevant and informative as possible.