He is usually known to his fans as Koh Mr Saxman, although at least one CD names him as Koh Mr Clarinet.  However after meeting with Khun Koh (Sekpol Unsamran) and understanding his enthusiasm as the driving force behind the December 2020 Hua Hin International Jazz Festival, he could also be called Koh Mr Jazz-Festival!

Khun Koh is well known to jazz fans in Hua Hin and across Thailand as a dedicated and talented musician and vibrant entertainer over the past 20 years.  He’s also a composer and producer with multiple recordings in collaboration with other artists, as well as his own studio albums.

Meeting with Khun Koh; music is always on his mind

Like so many musicians and other entertainers who have been deprived of their live performance venues, the studio became his focus in recent months.  However as these live venues are slowly returning, Khun Koh is back performing with regular gigs at the Saxophone Pub in Bangkok and Malibrew in Pattaya.  He’s also performing in Hua Hin and next weekend (16th & 17th October) he’ll be at the Putahracsa Resort’s Oceanside Beach Club presenting ‘Jazz By the Ocean’.

However our recent conversation with Khun Koh was really to find out more about the 2020 and 16th Hua Hin International Jazz Festival.  He’s taking a lead role in the planning of this eagerly awaited annual event in collaboration with events management company Hubster.

The year’s event will inevitably be affected by travel restrictions for international performers, but that doesn’t mean there will be a lack of multinational talent on the Festival’s two stages.  Negotiations are now happening with a list of around 50 performers offering a diverse range of musical styles including fusion & world music, blues & funk, Cuban & Latin, apart from classic big jazz bands with some R&B and pop also on the list.

An impromptu performance at last year’s press conference.

Apart from the performers, negotiations are continuing with sponsorships, as the Festival presents a great opportunity for brand recognition.  The venue is set with main centre stage and adjacent food stalls being on the sands of the Hua Hin city beach at the end of Soi 61, with a more intimate ‘Art Stage’ near the beach entry.

This year Khun Koh is also eager to provide an opportunity for the involvement of more local musicians, including those from the ex-pat population.  That’s been an untapped source of talent in the past with many accomplished musicians in the region; often recognised in their home country but with little recognition locally. 

As a Jazz Festival media partner, the Royal Coast Review will continue to meet with Khun Koh as the Festival date draws closer.  With a direct line of communication established; we can relay any comments or suggestions to him.


WHEN:  Friday and Saturday 4th & 5th December

WHERE: On the city beach, at the end of Soi 61, in central Hua Hin



16th and 17th October at the Putahracsa Resort’s Oceanside Beach Club

Contact: phone +66(0) 3253 1470, Line: @Putahracsa, Email: