VISA RENEWAL REMINDER September 26th Deadline!

The Immigration Bureau has urged foreigners to renew their visas before the end of an exemption which falls on September 26th.

Commissioner of the Immigration Bureau Sompong Chingduang said foreigners in the kingdom should contact immigration offices early to avoid overcrowding close to the deadline.

Thailand earlier announced an exemption for foreigners whose visas expired so they could legally stay in the country until Sept 26, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Short-term and long-term visa holders must contact immigration offices. When the visas are renewed by Sept 26, the validity of the renewed visa would start from Sept 27, he said.

Pol Lt Gen Sompong said all short-term visa holders must leave the country by Sept 26.

For those who cannot leave, due to flight unavailability or Covid-19 pandemic in their home country, they would need certification from their embassy or consulate for submission at an immigration office in their local area.

For the 90-day report requirement, all foreigners are required to report and inform the bureau of their residences by Sept 26, he said.