Six vehicles were involved in a 'traffic-stopping' accident on Phetchakasim Road.

Mr. Chaiwat Thongkoon, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport says that during the period of 3 – 6 September 2020, departmental data found that 7,968,080 people had traveled by public transport in Thailand.

In and out of Bangkok 11,215,836 vehicles took to the roads.  The majority, 10,538,851, were private cars. During the period of 3 – 6 September, there were 325 accidents, 48 ​​deaths and 309 injuries. However these statistics may not be in accord with those from other sources.

Inspections of public buses occurred at 121 readiness checkpoints, with 50,523 vehicles inspected, 20 were found to be unsafe and ordered to be corrected. 

Mr. Chaiwat added that has instructed all related agencies to closely monitor the travel situation and take action to support the travel of the people until 7th September.  Public transport operators must strictly adhere to safety standards and buses, trains / trains, boats, airplanes must be in good condition. 

In addition, people are urged to be more careful when driving as many areas have rain and roads are slippery. He urged drivers drive slowly, turn on the headlights, wear seat belts.

The Ministry of Transport has set up administrative centres to provide information to the public:

  • Transport Safety Centre Tel. 1356
  • Public Transport Passenger Protection Centre, Tel. 1584
  • Department of Highways Command Center, Tel. 1586
  • Safety Centre, Department of Rural Roads, Tel. 1146
  • Burapha Expressway Control Center Trajectory Expressway Authority of Thailand Tel. 1543
  • Ratchada BMA, Tel. 1348
  • SRT Customer Service Centre Tel. 1690