The Ministry of Tourism says Thailand is ready to receive the first set of 300 Long Stay travelers in October, revealing a target for more than 300 people per week, but says there is no reduction in the number of quarantine days to 7 days.

The first batch of 300 people, will be special foreign tourist visa (STV) holders, allowing them a 90 day to stay in Thailand and two extensions of 90 days each, for a total of 270 days.

The group of tourists who will come to stay must comply with the measures taken by the Center for the Outbreak of Coronavirus 2019 (SABC), which will be the same standard as Thai people returning from abroad and must be tested for COVID-19 before arriving. The first 300 foreigners will be allowed to enter on October 21.

Pipat Ratchakitprakarn, the Minister of Tourism annd Sports says that if in the first two sets of 600 tourists did not detect COVID-19 by November 1, the results will be presented to the Cabinet again. It will propose to expand the number of foreign visitors to more than 300 per week, with an appropriate number as permitted by the Ministry of Health. Which is expected to be added to the tens of thousands

In addition, in mid-November this If there are no new infected people from the number of tourists entering, It is proposed to reduce the number of quarantine days to 7, with two tests being repeated.