A Surin woman who allegedly scammed at least 6 Chonburi men into buying her cars has been arrested in Hua Hin.

Bussarakum “Muay” Saothong, 23, was apprehended on September 11th in Prachuap Khiri Khan where she had advertised on Facebook that she had opened a spa – ironically named “Top Secret” – with the money from her alleged car thefts.

Chonburi police accused Bussarakum of running a romance scam to cheat at least six men from various subdistricts in the province out of vehicles they purchased on her behalf.

Investigators said she met men on a dating app, got to know them in person and then asked for their help in buying a car on a financing plan, claiming she had bad credit but that, after the down payment was made, she would take over payments.

The lonely guys fell right into the trap. She got the car, ghosted them and then sold the vehicle, leaving the victims with payments for a vehicle they didn’t have.

Bussarakum denied the charges, but was denied bail and awaits prosecution on three arrest warrants. She faces up to three years in prison for each charge.

Chonburi police again implored men not to buy strange women they met online expensive gifts like cars.