Thailand’s little known leopard cat is a small wild cat, looking like a cute domestic cat, but it has a full hunter’s instinct, don’t let the cuteness fool you.

Maowaw is a small predator that is agile, adaptable, and likes to hunt alone.  Its food includes rodents, frogs, birds, and insects. It is said that there it does not play with food like a domestic cat, but will eat it immediately.

They forage at night and are good at climbing trees but they are also good at swimming. They can be found in the forests of almost every region of Thailand. 

The leopard cat’s biggest threat is from humans. In the past, they were hunted for their skin and are still poached from the wild.  Mating with domestic cats has resulted in hybrid breeds of cats such as the Bengal, which may eventually lead to the extinction of the purebred cat. 

Its cute appearance makes it vulnerable to smuggling to become a pet.  However this cat is a wild animal and a beautiful and valuable part of the forest. 

It contributes to the control of other wildlife populations we should let the little hunter live in his domain as the forests provide a much better environment for these wild animals than humans ever can.