Bangkok, Thailand- MARCH 16, 2020: Crowd people wearing surgical mask protect Coronavirus, Covid 19 virus epidemic and air pollution PM2.5 crisis.

“Foreigners Import Coronavirus from Home Countries into Thailand” screamed the headline in some media outlets as Thailand’s health department reported that two foreign nationals have been quarantined with the coronavirus after arriving in Thailand from their home countries.

The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration said that overall 3,312 patients or 94.66% of the total cases have recovered. The remaining 119 patients with the coronavirus are still in hospital. The death toll remains unchanged at 58, paling in comparison to worldwide pandemic statistics.

One of the new cases was a 29-year-old Serbian footballer who came from his country. After arriving on a chartered flight to Buriram province on July 19, he was in an alternative quarantine facility in the northeastern province.

The first test done on him on arrival was negative, but the second one conducted on the eighth day showed he was infected. He is being treated at Buriram Hospital.

The other new case was a 41-year-old Finnish engineer. He arrived in Thailand from Denmark and was in a quarantine facility in Bangkok.

In mid-May, he tested positive with no symptoms. Three days before he flew to Thailand, the test was negative. But on the third day after he arrived in Thailand the test results were positive.

Thankfully the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CSSA) has reported that despite the two imported cases of coronavirus, business operators can proceed to bring in their foreign visitors under Phase 6 of the easing of lockdown measures.

Inevitably further positive tests can be expected, however a xenophobic response in reporting these cases is not an approach which the Royal Coast review either endorses or will follow.