Locking Up Edwin (WFFT) and Throwing Away the Key for Wildlife!

To create awareness of the millions of wild animals in cages worldwide kept as pets and for exploitation in tourism Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) founder, Edwin Wiek, will be locked up in a cage on Friday the 10th of July.

That’s when Edwin will be entering the cage that was home to ‘Canoe’, a rescued chimpanzee now enjoying a much more comfortable life at WFFT near Tha Yang in Phetchaburi. Canoe had been kept in the same cage in Bangkok for 32 years.

This event can be followed “LIVE” on the WFFT Facebook page, where you can interact with Edwin at all times, trying to make his life in the cage more comfortable, or if you would rather see him in trouble, take away more of his comfort or freedom!

The aim is to raise funds during this event to care for and feed the over 700 wild animals at the WFFT. You can donate to get Edwin out earlier, or if you wish, to keep him in the cage longer.

On Friday the 10th, around noon, Thailand time Edwin will enter the old cage of Canoe, only being allowed to exit the cage to go to the bathroom, not more than 6 times a day and no longer than 10 minutes at a time (max 1 hour a day in total), until we have reached 25,000 Dollars in donations!

Now how can you help? Any donation to PayPal, our Foundation’s Thai or Dutch bank account will add to the target to get Edwin out of the cage, but you can also donate to “enrichments” of the caged man, 10 dollars gets Edwin an enrichment in the cage, that could be some fruit, a drink or something to play with.

If you think his life in the cage is getting too comfortable you can donate to take away some of his freedom or convenience! What about a 50 dollars donation to wake him up in the middle of the night? A staff member is available all night to make that happen! It is all up to you, you can make or break him during this event. The full list of ‘make or break’ donations, including ‘throw away the key or buy him bolt cutter, can be found at the WFFT Facebook page: