The Hua Hin police in conjunction with the Highway Police have been manning checkpoints aimed at young motorcyclists who have been racing their bikes and have illegal modifications to the machines.

Four checkpoints have operated over the long weekend around Hua Hin at Bo Fai, Ban Khao Tao, Nong Khon and on the Irrigation Canal Road. 

 Police Colonel Phaitrom Phrom said that after the cancellation of the curfew on June 15th, an increase in motorcycle racing has been observed.  The police have been investigating and collecting data about gathering places or meeting points. 

More than 40 vehicles have been seized.   If the offender is a child or youth, parents or guardians are contacted and asked to acknowledge the actions and take responsibility for the said children or youth. 

A continuing investigation will be made about tuning or repair shops which have been selling and fitting exhaust systems and racing accessories that do not meet industry standards.

This is considered to be important as some shops are encouraging teenagers to dress up motorcycles for racing. As the equipment is expensive, teens who want to race may steal money or belongings of their family and others. 

The public have been advised to forward video clips about incidents of motorcycle racing with a hotline established at 1599 or 191.  Information leading to the arrest of offenders will attract a 3,000 THB reward.