Torrential Waters Flood Koh Chang

Torrential waters have severely flooded Koh Chang off eastern Thailand on Sunday, a government official said.

After hours of heavy downpours, Koh Chang has been quickly inundated with torrential waters while high tides in the Gulf of Thailand have forced ferry boats to stop service between Trat province’s shores and the tourist island, according to Kosit Sinrat, head official of Koh Chang national park.

Roads and bridges on the island have been severely damaged and partly cut off by the torrential waters, forcing local villagers and tourists to get evacuated to higher ground since Sunday morning. The National Disaster Warning Centre has warned villagers and fishermen in coastal areas of the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea to watch out for heavy downpours and flashfloods. Small-sized boats were strongly advised to stay ashore due to high tides in the stormy sea.

According to the Meteorological Department, 38 provinces in all regions of the country and Bangkok were forecast to be hit by Sunday’s heavy downpours, quickly causing torrential waters, flashfloods and flooding in low-lying areas

Tourists on the island will be quickly returned to shore after the situation subsides, Sinrat said.  Local authorities said they might ask the navy to pick up tourists if rough seas continued unabated.