Indonesian Forest Fires Cause Dense Smoke Haze in Southern Provinces

Wildfire haze from Indonesia is covering the lower South of Thailand. Motorists and seafarers have to exercise extra caution because of the reduced visibility.

Songkhla City has been covered by a dense haze. Motorists have to exercise extra caution and turn on their vehicles’ headlights. Major tourist attractions like Samila Beach are also badly affected by dense haze and the Noo and Maew islands are hidden from sight.

Mr. Suradech Nilubon, President of Songkhla Fisheries Association, has advised seafarers to exercise caution in navigating at sea. Those who go fishing in the evening and return to the shore in the morning should check their boat’s lighting and signal lights and always keep the boat signal lights on when fishing, as well as send signals to let other boats in the area know the boat’s location to prevent collisions.

The southern haze situation has occurred over many years as a seasonal hazard because forest fires occur at this time of every year in Indonesia.