Hua Hin World Clean Up Day September 21st – Please Join In to Make Our Community Cleaner!

You are invited to be part of the worldwide movement, World Clean Up Day which happens every year in September and this year on September 21st.

It’s a day to raise awareness that a cleaner planet is the responsibility of everyone. With World Clean Up Day Hua Hin, we also want to show our love and respect for ‘the home town’ of our beloved King Rama IX.

Through trash management and showing how to recycle the different categories of trash, we hope that the people in our communities will learn more about the waste that they produce in their everyday lives. We hope that they take this knowledge with them to their homes, schools and communities and create new daily routines to minimise trash and learn new ways of dealing with trash.

The volunteers of Clean Hua Hin, are organising World Clean Up Hua Hin in cooperation with the Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin.

On this day groups of participants will walk to different areas of Nong Kae sub-district, Hua Hin (also known as Takiab) to pick up trash along the roads, the canals, in the mangroves and on the beach.

The central point of this event will be the parking area of Krai Lart Temple, at the entrance of Krailart Nuwate Urban Mangrove area at the southern end of Khao Takiab. The aim of this joint effort is to show the people in the community that trash isn’t only a threat to human beings, but also to animals, nature, the water and the ocean.

Some snacks and drinks will be offered to all volunteers. However, please bring your own food containers, reusable shopping bags and reusable drinking bottles or cups. This day is about cleaning up, but more importantly it is about not creating more trash.

For more details phone
Gae 089-815-3169
Taan 096-886-6200
Na 092-424-9156
Noi 098-370-5788

14:30 – Registration
15:00 – Opening of the event.
15:15 – Dividing into groups for picking up trash, led by Clean Hua Hin volunteers.
16:00 – Meeting back at the centre of the event, to separate the picked up, weighing the trash, and some education about trash management, recycling, reducing trash, etc.
16:30 – Group photo with a drone and end of the event

About – World Clean Up Day
Ian Kiernan, an Australian yachtsman, who sailed his yacht all around the world, had seen so much trash during his travels, that when he came back to Sydney, he and his friends got together and started Clean Up Sydney Harbour Day in 1989 with 40,000 participants.

The next year, in 1990, they organised Clean Up Australia Day and in 1993 World Clean Up Day followed.