“Foreigners Throughout Thailand Do Not Need to Notify Change of Accommodation” – Immigration Bureau

Foreign nationals do not need to notify immigration if they leave their home for over 24 hours, the Immigration Bureau have announced.

The bureau has announced that “aliens are not required” to provide such notification, despite an article stipulating so in the Immigration Act. The announcement can been seen at www.immigration.go.th/content/notifyresidence

“During the visit to Thailand, for purposes of tourism, sports, business, investments, education, practicing of skilled craftsmen or specialists, aliens are not required to notify the competent official of changes of their residence,” it read in full, emphasis theirs.

The announcement specifically references Section 5 of police regulations however makes no mention of a change to these regulations.

It would seem to put to rest one aspect of contentious enforcement of long-ignored rules that came into strict enforcement earlier this year.

Retirees are not mentioned. Immigration officials were reportedly meeting this week to discuss improving the requirements.