Etran; An Environmentally Friendly Electric Motorcycle

Etran (Thailand), a startup in innovative electric motorcycles, has unveiled its latest product driven by clean energy as the Department of Land Transportation announced that motorcycles in Thailand produce 50,000 tonnes of CO2 emission per day, or over 18 million tonnes a year.

Supported by PTT Plc, Etran has developed the “Etran Kraf Limited Edition” as an environmental-friendly, high performance electric motorcycle with a 40Ah battery, 7kW motor, 180 km maximum riding distance per charge, and 130 km/hour maximum speed.

The main components of the motorcycle are made with carbon fibre for strength and lightweight characteristics. Carbon fibre is a popular material among supercars. The model uses Internet of Vehicles (IoV) technology to connect the vehicles with Etran mobile application to enhance customer experience and safety. 300 units are currently available, it is priced at Bt150,000 excluding VAT. 

The startup also noted that “Etran Prom” version 2 will soon be unveiled. The first model, launched in 2017, mainly targeted the motorcycle taxi segment. 

Aiming for 200,000 units in sale in 10 years, Etran was recently awarded APAC25 by Cleantech Group, a San Francisco-based company that supports the development and commercialisation of clean technologies.

Soranun Choochut, CEO and Founder of Etran (Thailand) Co Ltd, said that Thailand has close to 22 million motorcycles, according to data of the Department of Land Transport.  With a single motorcycle emitting 45 gram of CO2 per kilometre daily on average and if an average motorcyclist travels 50 kilometres per day, he/she will produce over 2 kilograms of CO2.  Thai motorcycles produce roughly 50,000 tonnes of CO2 per day, or 18 million tonne per year.

In regard to service and charging station, Etran is in discussion with the PTT Group to expand the charging station network across all high populated areas. It targets sale of 200,000 units or 1 per cent of market share for its electric motorcycles within the next 10 years.