A Very ‘Verdant Experience’ at the Hua Hin Laksasubha Resort

Three generations of the Laksasubha family have welcomed guests and friends of the Laksasubha Resort to a Grand Opening to reveal the new ‘verdant’ face of the resort.

A Very 'Verdant Experience' at the Hua Hin Laksasubha Resort

A completely restyled reception lounge is now the initial guest introduction to the Laksasubha brand of hospitality.  It’s always a welcome relief after a long journey to relax in cooling, spacious comfort.  But that enhancement was just an early focus of the Grand Opening.

Another ‘new face’ is Café Verde; a short stroll away from reception and connected to the resort’s upgraded ‘Zaanti Spa’.  The name Café Verde was given by Khun ML Laksasubha, the report’s Laksasubha’s owner, founder and very hands’ on General Manager.  She spent her younger days in Buenos Aires, Argentina with her parents as Thai Ambassadors with ‘Verde’ being the Spanish word for green. 

A Very 'Verdant Experience' at the Hua Hin Laksasubha Resort

But the name also reflects her desire to ensure that a ‘going greener’ approach applies to every aspect of the new creations and the resort in general.  Café Verde reflects the verdant and lush tropical gardens of the resort.  It really feels like you are entering a garden setting thanks to the ‘fresco-like’ wall décor with two ‘garden swings’ adding to that carefree ambiance.

On offer is a selection of premium coffee by Chicco Doro, especially a variety of coconut coffee blends.  Tea may be from a range of herbal or fruit varieties including Jasmine, Mint or perhaps Mango and Strawberry.  Indulge in Honey drenched local Pineapple or Coconut Pancakes with a blend of fresh fruit or ice cream.

The Café Verde experience could be either before or after a session at the adjacent Zaanti Spa.  That name is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning inner peace, tranquility or bliss.  Within the Spa environment, apart from that tranquility, experienced staff now offer traditional Thai massage and stretching techniques, stimulating body scrubs and relaxing herbal oil with aromatherapy.

A Very 'Verdant Experience' at the Hua Hin Laksasubha Resort

The Zaanti Spa features Alodia products; designed for discerning Spa operators around the world. These products are crafted with natural organic materials with a signature scent of coconut/vanilla.  Essential oils and body scrubs will leave you feeling refreshed and vibrant.

A Very 'Verdant Experience' at the Hua Hin Laksasubha Resort

Many of the Grand Opening guests were well known to the Laksasubha family members and returning as friends.  However the few guests enjoying their first Laksasubha experience were able to gain an understanding of the provenance of the resort (with cups of coconut coffee) whilst considering the latest facilities.

That provenance is based on the owner’s Thai royalty connections as the great granddaughter of H.R.H. Prince Nares Vorraridh Kridakon, the son of King Rama IV.  The influences that are evident throughout the resort are a reflection of that heritage but fusing seamlessly with European and other western influences after many years by the owner spent abroad. 

The Hua Hin Laksasubha Resort really is a blend of traditional and modern Thai with many other cultures as a central Hua Hin oasis; continually going greener!   You are very welcome to experience these newly opened facilities as well as the beachfront La Costa Bar and Rim Talay Restaurant which offer fine dining and drinks for discerning groups of friends, family or business associates.

Find out more by visiting www.laksasubhahuahin.com

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