Vaping Bans to Continue – Thai PM

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has vowed to retain Thailand’s ban on e-cigarettes, insisting the new government will not yield to lobbying from an interest group that has been working hard to lift the prohibition.  E-cigarettes have been banned since 2014.

“Someone wants these black-market products, which have a substantial value, to be legalised,” Gen Prayut said, responding to questions from reporters on Tuesday.

“But in making decisions on this matter, the government cannot simply consider the economic impact,” the prime minister said. “E-cigarettes will also impact people’s health and place an extra burden on the country’s health-care budget,” he added.

The Public Health Ministry should work harder to educate the public on the health effects of vaping, while officials should crack down further on the illegal sale of e-cigarettes, he said.

Dr Khajorn Kaewjarat of the Department of Disease Control has outlined the health reasons why electronic cigarettes are banned 100% in Thailand. 

He was speaking to the media after DPM and Public Health minister Anutin Charnvirakul spoke out about the dangers to public health of the devices, especially to children and young people. 

Dr Khajorn backed the tough stance saying that the flavours may be nice and sweet smelling but the vapor carries a great risk to users and people nearby inhaling second hand smoke. 

Nicotine levels rise in the blood and organs leading to increased craving for the drug and health complications.  ltimately this can mean brain damage and cancer, other complications of e-cigarette use are increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and adverse changes in blood sugar levels.