September is a Happening Month in the Region; But How Do You Find Out?

During September this year there are many good reasons to be attracted to the region during a month when visitor numbers are low.  Locals also have many ways to be entertained 

From culinary festivals to cultural, science and sporting events; it’s all happening!  There are also big discounts on offer for accommodation during the month.

With the region posing no weather issues for visitors; the ‘Green Season’ really is a good time to be on the Royal Coast.

But what could have been a big opportunity to avoid the ‘low season blues’ seems to be lost for simple reasons.

Forward Planning:  Information about events is often left to the last minute and in some instances decided literally days before they begin. 

Coordination:  It’s apparent that the events are happening independent of each other without anything looking like a regional program or oversight. 

Marketing:  The local foreign population frequently expresses their frustration to the local English language media when they are not informed of events to come.  In turn the media is also frustrated when not being informed by many event organisers. 

Fortunately there is a cooperative spirit between media management with the sharing of information providing some assistance.  However often occasions such as Press Conferences are discovered by accident and only discovered by the vigilance of media personnel. 

The Royal Coast Review online news outlet has an Entertainment & Events section as the best way to find out about coming community events.  That means a local, national and international audience. 

Please share that news to your friends and family wherever they are.

If you are involved in promoting a community event we’d like to know and publish the news.  We can also write the press release if that helps!