Public Transport Vehicles and Drivers To Be Spot Checked From Next Month

The Department of Land Transport (DLT) has confirmed it will launch on-the-spot maintenance checks of public transport vehicles and physical checkups of their drivers in two weeks.

DLT chief Peraphon Thawornsupacharoen said the vehicle tests and physical checkups will be performed nationwide. There are more than 1.2 million public transport drivers who are subject to the tests which will also determine whether they are colour-blind or suffer other visual deficiencies.

He said a total of 150,747 public transport vehicles are registered with the DLT.

The maintenance checks will be carried out at checkpoints along 111 roads and at 245 petrol stations around the country.

Mr Peraphon said there are 2,000 inspectors. One of them will be deployed at the checkpoints at the designated time. Some more might be recruited and other officers might be asked to join.

However, passengers can contact the DLT’s hotline via number 1584 and in the future, QR codes will be posted at each public vehicle. The idea, which is reported to be the brainchild of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, has been passed to Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob.

The checkpoints will be located at PTT petrol stations, under a plan for inspections of public transport vehicles every 90 kilometres. Mr Peraphon insisted the inspection will not take long or cause inconvenience to drivers or passengers.

Inspections will check the vehicles’ condition, documentation and speed-tracking devices, as well as signs of alcohol or drug use in the driver. The checks would help determine if the drivers are fit to drive. Some do not have enough rest when they get behind the wheel. Passengers will also be asked if they have observed drivers with dangerous driving behaviours.

Reports are rife of van drivers using special gear to cut signal data in speed-tracking devices so they can drive faster and further.

The DLT has also been told to prepare workshops to improve van drivers’ skills and safety knowledge.