Pranburi is Getting into a Pickle!

Pickleball has got nothing to do with gherkins, being preserved or anything similar.  But it is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet.  There is a strong following in True Arena Hua Hin and on 4th August a new venue was established at the Evason at Pranburi.

Pickleball’s unique name raises curiosity and hints at the fun and enjoyment that is experienced by all who play the game.  General Manager Alan Thomas was joined by the Elaine Shawcross, the head coach of the Hua Hin International Pickleball Club based at True Arena for the opening of the new venue.

Pranburi is Getting into a Pickle!

The facilities at the Evason include four purpose made courts with night lighting and all the equipment necessary for visitors to try their hand.  Court bookings can be made in advance via the Evason reception with free court rental available until the end of October.  Alan is also planning some tournament play in the future.

Surf 102.5 fm’s Richard Buckle was also at the grand opening adding that he is considering setting up at a court at home to “get the kids going”; maybe after first getting himself going at the Evason. 

Pranburi is Getting into a Pickle!

Pickleball is easy for beginners to learn, and attracts players of any age or gender.  The game can be played at many different levels.  It can be introduced as a fun game, where the pace is gentle but it can also be a fast-paced, competitive sport.

This is a hybrid sport combining many of the elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong; played on a court similar to a badminton court with a waist-high net.  Like other ‘bat and ball’ sports, stroke play, agility and reflexes may be important, but wily older players of pickleball are often able to match it with younger opponents with a more strategic and crafty approach. 

Pranburi is Getting into a Pickle!

So why does this sport have such an odd name?  Pickleball was invented in 1965 by US Congressman Joel Pritchard at his home near Seattle.  The most common theory is that it was named after his dog ‘Pickles’ as the first games were played using this dog’s play-ball. 

For further information please contact:

Evason Pranburi Reception: Phone 032 632 111

Hua Hin International Pickleball Club; Elaine Shallcross