Phetchaburi Truck Dumps a Load of Durians

 A truck registered in Phetchaburi Province, with a full load of durian overturned on Bangkok’s southern ring road, dumping its cargo of highly prized fruit on the road, early on Monday morning.

The accident occurred on the Bang Na-bound Kanchanaphisek Road in front of an exit to Thepharak Road in Muang district about 4.30am.

Two lanes on the ring road were closed while emergency services crews gathered up the durian and moved the white 10-wheel Hino truck out of the way. The truck also hit a stanchion supporting a large overhead road sign, knocking it askew.

The unidentified truck driver, who was slightly injured, told police he dozed off at the wheel. He said he was delivering his cargo from the South to the eastern province of Chanthaburi, a major centre of the durian trade.