PAT – 1,000 Animals De-Sexed & Vaccinated and Counting

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This week the staff of the People and Animals Thailand (PAT) clinic had reason to celebrate.   They proudly announced that in the short time since opening they have now passed the incredible total of 1,000 animals de sexed and vaccinated at the clinic.

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Every one of these street cats and dogs has now been prevented from adding to the huge problems that these unwanted animals cause.  From conflicts with people and wildlife and being a focus for diseases such as rabies and parvovirus the problems they cause are huge. The only humane way to deal with this problem is de sexing and vaccinating them. Before the PAT clinic opened no one was willing or able to take on this problem on a regular basis.

It is only through the efforts of a small but dedicated group of animal lovers who bring in the cats and dogs every day that the PAT clinic has been able to be so successful.  However this is only just scratching the surface of the problem.

Going forward a arting team to go out and catch the real problem dogs is needed.  This is a relatively expensive undertaking that PAT is unable to fund with more resources needed.

The average cost of de sexing and vaccinating an animal is 500 baht. This includes drugs, vaccinations, labour and overheads. The cost of darting is 800 baht per animal.

If you have in any way been impressed by the work done by the PAT clinic and are able to help in any way large or small to help fund the future work please get in touch. You can be assured that every Baht donated counts and will be used appropriately to continue this vital work of providing free de sexing and vaccinating of the animals most in need of our help.

Donations can be made by visiting and mentioning PAT.