‘Mother’s Day Meteor Shower’ On Show

The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand is inviting everyone to watch the Perseid meteor shower on the night of the Mother’s Day on August 12th until dawn of the following day.

Mr. Suparuek Karuhanont, chief of the astronomical service of the institute, said that Perseid meteors can be seen anywhere in the world from July 17th until August 24th of every year, but the shower will produce its peak rate of meteors on August 12-13, hence was named in Thailand as the ‘Mother’s Day Meteor Shower’.

As for this year, the shower will produce about 100 meteors an hour on the night of August 12th until dawn of the following day, but this zenithal hourly rate is calculated assuming a perfectly dark sky and that the radiant of the shower is situated directly overhead.

Mr. Suparuek, however, said that visibility will be disrupted by the bright moon until after 4 am of August 13 when the moon is due to set.

Seen from Bangkok, the shower will not be visible before around 22.28 each night, with its radiant point rises above the eastern horizon. It will then remain active until dawn breaks.