Is This the End of the Road for Walking Street Pattaya?

Is This the End of the Road for Walking Street? This is the headlining question posed by ‘Pattaya Today’ in yesterday’s posting at

The report names many ‘casualties’ on Walking street. That is the closure of bars describing “Lighthouse is dead (girls go to Bliss), Party Girls aGogo dead, Hidden aGogo dead, Yes aGogo dead, Sugar Baby Agogo dead.”

Walking Street, the most famous street and nightlife venue in Pattaya is described as facing an uncertain future. Walking street that has more than 100 buildings, which include some of the most famous nightclubs, discos, go-go clubs and restaurants in Pattaya, which seem to be closing down very quickly.

The reasons offered for the absence of European and Russian tourists is the changes in exchange rates that haven’t been in their favour.

“This month has seen yet more bars and clubs close down across Pattaya and walking street. At this rate is there a future for the most famous street in Pattaya?”