Is the World’s Oldest Person this Thai Man?

Mr Aon lives in the Chai Wan area of Udon Thani with his 70-year old wife whom he married in 1964.

Thailand may be home to the oldest man living on earth who has lived through its history since before the end of slavery to the modern Thailand we see today. Aon Phanchumphu is a fit and sprightly 128-year-old man who lives happily Udon Thani with his wife whom he married in the 1960s and their family.

Aon Phanchomphu is officially 128 years old and if so, the oldest person living in the world although this has not been verified. His wife was 15 when he married her in 1964, he was 73. The couple told reporters that they have never had a serious row and live a contented life on their farm in Thailand’s northeastern Udon Thani province.

Most official records for the oldest men and women in the world right now quote ages of 117 to 120 years.  His age of 128 years would by far, make him the oldest person in the world but this requires international verification despite the old man’s official ID card.

In the past, there has been some doubt about age in many parts of Thailand as the reporting of death and births was not universally enforced in remoter areas until relatively recent times.

According to his identity card issued by the Thai government and also supported by his impressive memory, Mr Aon Phanchumphu is over 128 years old having been born on the 9th of April 1891 during the reign of Thailand’s King Chulalongkorn and the reign of Queen Victoria in the United Kingdom.

Mr Aon lives contentedly in the Chai Wan district of Udon Thani with his wife of 55 years whom he married in 1964 when he was already a ripe 73 years old. His wife was 15 when he married her and the couple has lived a contented and happy marriage since.

They told reporters this week that they have never had a serious disagreement or row and have produced seven children, 11 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren so far.

He puts his good health and long life down to working hard and staying active as well as eating pickled fish, vegetables and chewing nuts. His only underlying health problem right now is a tendency for higher blood pressure.