Hua Hin Railway Station False Alert

An area around the Hua Hin Railway Station was blocked off this afternoon (Sunday) with police units in attendance.

Hua Hin Railway Station False Alert

Reports on Thai TV (Channel 3) based on advice from a police spokesman described this activity being centred on three motorcycles left outside the station for around a week.  The motorcycles had license plates with southern province registrations.

With the involvement of a K 9 unit, a reaction from a dog led to high pressure water being deployed and further investigations.  Television footage showed a rather ‘explosive’ effect caused by this deployment. It was later reported at a combination of urea and oil may have sparked the dog’s interest.

Concerns that there may be some dangerous device under a motorcycle seat were proven to be false and the situation is now resolved.  The report stated that no danger was posed to the public or those investigating at any stage.

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Long term residents of Hua Hin have noted that during previous royal visits, the level of security and scrutiny of any circumstances deemed to be suspicious may become intense. 

With confirmed reports of a current visit by HM the King’s son, combined with the recent incidents in Bangkok, this incident reflects a similar approach to security levels.

A previous unfounded report about a ‘bomb alert’ posted online of Friday may have added to the concerns and confusion of locals despite a later retraction of the report.