Hua Hin is a ‘No Drone Zone’

Drone enthusiasts, may they be hobbyists or those wishing to use drones for commercial purposes such as high flying photography, have been reminded that the regulations about flying drones or Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) are very restrictive with fines of 40,000 THB or 1 year imprisonment available.

Hua Hin is a ‘No Drone Zone’

Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration has described Hua Hin as a ‘no drone zone’ with drones not allowed in most of the district.  However bearing in mind that the regulations include non-fly zones within 9 kilometres from an airport and the sensitivities of facilities such as Royal Palaces and hospitals, the province of Phetchaburi will also be under consideration. 

Additionally the following requirements apply:

1. Customs duties must be paid before use

2. Drones must be registered before use (contact NBTC).  .  Drones with cameras installed must be registered with ‘no exceptions.

3. The drone commander must be registered with the Department of Civil Aviation

4. Drones are not allowed in most of the Hua Hin District; to use drones the operator must know where this is allowed.

For more information the Department of Civil Aviation may be the best source: