Digital Driver’s Licences From September

Drivers and motorcyclists will be allowed to pluck out their phones and show cops a digital driver’s license starting September 20th.

Physical licenses can be replaced with a digital copy when amendments to the Road Traffic Act become effective on Sept. 20, according to an internal police memo dated August 19th.

Valid replacements include digital licenses that can be obtained through the free DLT QR application, or physical photocopies. Police won’t recognize photos of licenses taken from a phone or camera though.

The police memo clarified earlier disagreements between police and transport officials over the validity of digital driver’s licenses.

On top of digitalisation, the new law no longer allows traffic police to confiscate driver’s licenses when issuing traffic tickets, except when they believe the driver poses a danger to the public. It also allows traffic police to mail traffic tickets to offenders in the event that a ticket cannot be attached to a vehicle.