Traditional Thai Massage Pregnancy Warning

Thailand’s Department of Health has advised pregnant women to avoid having Traditional Thai Massage and turn to light exercise instead.

Health Department Director General, Dr. Phanphimon Wipulakorn has warned that women who are less than three month’s pregnant should avoid getting a traditional Thai massage saying it will stimulate the uterus to tighten and may cause a miscarriage.

Women who are 4-6 months into their pregnancy can get a massage from those who have been trained.

Women who are more than six months into their pregnancy should only get a massage from qualified practitioners of traditional Thai medicine; pregnant women should not go for a massage at a general massage parlor.

For safety, pregnant women who suffer from aches or wish to relieve their stress should turn to light exercises instead.

Safe exercise for pregnant women should start from three months into pregnancy from light to heavy or slow to fast exercises such as walking.

They should start from continuously exercising for 10 – 15 minutes a day for three days a week and gradually increase the time to 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

Pregnant women who are four months into pregnancy shouldn’t exercise in the supine position for more than five minutes.

They shouldn’t hold their breath either because it causes less blood to flow back into the heart, and they could faint.

During exercises, they should drink enough water and after every workout they should stretch their muscles for 3 – 5 minutes.

They shouldn’t exercise if they have a stomach ache, fatigue, dizziness or vaginal bleeding. They should also not eat heavy meals two hours before exercising as it may cause colic and abdominal discomfort.