Saturn, the gas giant, will move to the point in its orbit where it’s closest to Earth on Tuesday – here’s how to catch a clear view of the rings of the planet in Thai skies.

Suppharuk Karuehan of the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand said Tuesday that Saturn will be in opposition on Tuesday July 9th, that is, the planet, Earth and the sun will be arranged in a straight line.    Saturn will be 1.353 million kilometres from Earth, as close as it gets this year

Look east just above the horizon starting from 7pm – hopefully you’ve got nothing blocking your view and the skies are clear. Saturn should be viewable with the naked eye within the Sagittarius constellation.

Saturn should be visible throughout the night, though Suppharuk says it should be clearest from 11:53pm until 6am July 10.

Go to the darkest location possible. Give your eyes ten minutes to adjust to the darkness without turning on any lights.