Police To Target Zebra Crossing Safety

However this picture posted by Pattaya News, with an unhelmeted motorbike rider on the crossing and children walking away from the zebra crossing under the watchful eye of a policeman may not be the best example of the safety message.

The Chief of the Thai Royal Police has stated this week that he has ordered enforcement of zebra crossings across the country and to begin work to ensure that they are safe, especially in tourist towns.

Local residents and tourists alike seem to avoid the crossings and instead jaywalk across the street as most locals in the city believe that the set crossing is the most dangerous place to cross the road.

Significant work has already been done in Pattaya to make the crossings safer, especially in school zones. Traffic police have been specifically stationed at crossings in and around schools during school hours, enforcing the law and making sure the crossings are safe. The safety of these particular crossings near schools has been successful for some time.

However, it will take some time to ensure the crossings in the primary tourist locations are properly enforced and used.

The plan for enforcement includes using traffic police at major zebra crossings during the busiest times, as well as enforcement for jaywalking which is against the law and is a fineable offence.